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Leroy Carson, Jr., Global Advisor

Global Chamber® Atlanta

Leroy Carson, Jr. is a senior executive and leader with more than 25 years of experience working for industry giants in hospitality, technology, franchising and services. He is also the principal of EC. Roberts, LLC. This firm hosts all of Leroy’s entrepreneurial efforts as well as serves as a global business and economic development incubator supporting a diverse group of entrepreneurs and enterprises. His passion is to help other business leaders build stronger more sustainable organizations. His own entrepreneurial efforts has resulted in founding multiple organizations to include: Boxed Business, Inc. that discreetly supported small businesses whom desired growth through replicated business modeling such as franchising and licensing. He also developed a nonprofit called Success Looks Like Me, Inc. that enables disadvantaged youth to meet their potential. He is a principal in a global consortium called the Global Development Resource Center. This effort gathers resources for international economic development projects for a select membership base. This consortium includes firms/companies in both the US and internationally with expertise and significant experience in: Real Estate Development, A.E.C. (Architecture, Engineering and Construction), financing and investment as well as Manufacturing.

Leroy also has business interest in jazz and does allot of work with independent jazz artists. He is currently working with a development group to source and build a unique first for that global community in Atlanta.

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